Thursday, December 8, 2011

Back in October, my parents came for 2 weeks to visit us in Albany.  It was the best!!!  We had so much fun with them and were sad to see them go.  They were so helpful with the boys and the boys were elated to have grandma and grandpa staying in the "cabin" aka guest room.  We were able to go to Boston for a few days, drove up to Saratoga one afternoon, took a scenic drive through Vermont to New Hampshire, went to the annual Trunk or Treat, trick or treating with grandpa, shopping in the snow at the outlets, eating out, and took lots of pictures of leaves!  My dad was loving the fall leaves.  Ryan and I even got to go on a hot date one night while they watched the boys.  Bliss.  We don't get out much.  My mom cleaned up the house after we all went to bed every night and T was on garbage duty.  It was fabulous!  I just love my parents.  Thanks again for coming to visit us!

My dad and I went with Griff's pre-school class to a pumpkin patch.
Simon and Griffy
Griffin's class
Gramps and Griff
Griffin and Grandma at the Children's Museum in Boston. 
The boys in front of Fenway.

Hudson eating his apple in downtown Boston. 
The Boston Temple. 
Ready for church.
Pictures at the park.
The leaves were so pretty.

Grandpa read a story to them every night.

Cutest chicken on the block!
Super heroes.

My parents even got to be here for the first snow!  Griffy was pretty excited about it.
Dinosaur BBQ

Griff's preschool had a Halloween costume parade.  I loved the lego.
Hudson discovered suckers on Halloween and was in sugar heaven!
T made us pull over for a pic in front of this tree.  He made me promise to put this picture on the blog.
We were at the museum one day and we got separated from my dad.  My mom said, "Where's Gramps?"  And Griffin said, "Probably taking pictures of leaves."  Classic.
Ben and Jerry's in Saratoga.
These ducks were not afraid of anything.  They were scavenging for any sort of crumb.
We went to an apple farm on my parent's last day here.  We got the famous apple cider doughnuts, fed the animals and took lots of pictures.

Can't wait for Christmas!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

BC and Rach

 I'm finally getting around to posting about our first set of visitors!!  At the beginning of October, Rach and Brett came to NY for a week.  It was so much fun to have them here!!  The week went by WAY too fast.  They got here on a Wednesday night then drove up to Palmyra on Thursday.  They got back to Albany Friday night, just in time for an ice cream trip to Emack and Bolio's.  On Saturday, we went for a group jog, then Brett and Ryan tore up part of our basement.  After that, we drove up to Saratoga for window shopping and dinner.  And Ben and Jerry's of course!  Sunday was Stake Conference and relaxation time.  Sadly, they did not get to experience the branch. Monday, they took an early train to NYC.  It was their first time there and they loved every second of it.  They came back to Albany late Tuesday night bearing glorious treats from Levaine Bakery and Magnolia's.  Amazing cookies and banana pudding.  Wednesday, we hung out until they had to leave to go back to AZ.  It was a fun-filled week and so great to have them here!!  Can't wait until next time, Cunninghams!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

2 Boys

I can't believe September is already over.  Seriously -where does the time go?  But I'm pretty excited that it is finally October!  Because you know what October means -  visitors, fall colors and Halloween!  So much fun to be had in the month of October!  Yep, Rach and Brett will be here on Wednesday for a week then a week later my parents come!  We are practically bursting at the seams with excitement around here.  The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are turning all sorts of colors.  It really is my favorite time of year out here. 

Griffin is still loving pre-school.  He's even been more obedient and helpful since starting school.  I could get used to this!
Griffy has been into ice cream cones lately, which means Hudson has too.  He has to have whatever Griff is having.  I love watching toddlers devour ice cream.  Such a sticky mess!
I know it's not Halloween quite yet, but Griffin got his Dash costume last week and I think it's so funny when he wears it.  He runs around the house as fast as he can and truly believes it makes him faster.  The mask is my favorite.
When I took this picture, I told Hudson to say cheese.  He gave me this look instead.  I was dying.  Love him.
I can't get over his face. 
I often have visions of my boys and I sitting quietly whilst coloring or making crafts.  Um, not a chance.  It's either wrestle mania, building towers with the couch cushions or pillow fights on the bed.  But I love it.  And those 2 rascals.
Carolin, Lina, the boys and I went to an apple farm a few weeks ago.  We picked up some fresh, honey crisp apples and snacked on the famous apple cider donuts.  A must do during the fall out here!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Griffin's 1st Day

 Griffin started pre-school on Monday!  He was so excited to go to school and kept asking me how many more wake ups??  Hudson and I walked in with him.  He got right to business coloring and checking out Mr. Skittles - the class hamster.  I kissed him good-bye and he hardly noticed I left.  Griffy is so social and loves to make friends, so I knew he would love pre-school.  I'm so glad he's having such a fun time!

This kid is all about comfort when it comes to his clothes.  He loves sweat pants and basketball shorts.  Oh, and he had to have the Cars light up shoes, much to my dismay.  It was only a matter of time.
Mini Ryan
Hudson is a little lost without Griff when he's at pre-school.  He loves to be where Griffy is except when he's crying and hanging on my leg.  I can already see the differences in their personalities.  We can already tell Hudson is gonna give us a run for our money!  Like how he threw a toy car into the toilet while Griffin was peeing.  Awesome.