Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More fun at the cabin!

We spent another fun week at my parent's cabin up north! I had to force myself to come home to this wretched heat. Ry was able to come up for the weekend but then had to come home to study for his step 2 boards. Dave and Nat came for a few days then Rach and the kids made their way up. We had the best time relaxing in the pines and soaking up the cool weather. It rained almost everyday, which we loved. Griff is starting to think the cabin is his home. Wouldn't that be fun!

Another visit to Katie's monument.
Griffin drinking from the spring.
Train ride at the 24th carnival.
The group.
Last time we were up there, Griff played with the laundry basket and called it his cage. This time, he was obsessed with Bompa's belts. Go figure.
T-money enjoying some pancakes. He has the best bed-head hands down!
Rach and Emmy.
The cook.
This kid loves food and loves to get it himself. Helping himself to some "my cream."
Now it's onto popsicles.
Or maybe an ice cream sandwich.
WWF with uncle Brett and cousin Wyatt.
Since we couldn't have a fire this time, we made s'mores in the oven. Delish I tell ya! My new favorite cabin treat.

Thanks again, mom and dad, for another fabulous week at the cabin! I'm ready to go back!

Ry's Birthday

For Ryan's Birthday, we celebrated by going out to dinner at a hole in the wall, delicious pizza place. It's just what the almost doctor ordered! Ry is a sucker for pizza, so we're always up for trying new places. Afterward, we walked around some shops then picked up his free dozen donuts at Krispie Kremes. Another one of his loves, donuts. It was a fun date night with my birthday boy!

His birthday dinner and dessert request was stir-fry and his mom's cheesecake.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Fourth

We had another fabulous 4th up at the 'rent's cabin. We did the usual 4th routine: parade, swimming, dinner at Eva's and fireworks. It was a full day of fun, fun, fun! These pics are so out of order but I'm over it.

S'mores at the local fire pit with cousins. Griff was loving the mallows.

Griffin collecting all the candy he could at the parade. Dum-dum for breakfast - why not?

T and L looking so patriotic.
Cousin Debbie had us over for a BBQ one of the nights. She truly is the best hostess! We decided to sing a patriotic song but since none of sing it was more laughing than singing.
Katie and I
Dinner at Eva's. Our fav mexican restaurant up north.

This pic is the right way. Dave is the master of the horizontal pole hold!
We took a trip up to Katie's monument. Katie Lavora is my great-aunt who was lost while on a family camping trip when she was just 7 years old. They found her body 3 weeks later. This monument was built where the family was camping.
My cousin Katie and I. Katie was named after Katie Lavora.
My crazy boy being crazy inside the ottoman.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guess who's 29...

This electronics loving, medical school going, pickle shaking, flashlight modifying, sports following, 2 showers a day hunk was born 29 years ago today!! And he's all mine! Happy Birthday, Ry! I love you to the moon and back.