Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Griffy is 4

 On February 13th, Griffin turned 4.  He was beyond excited for his birthday this year.  For the last month, he has asked me everyday if it was his birthday.  I'm so glad i finally came!  He loved every second of celebrating!!

Birthday Events:
go to Party City to buy some birthday balloons
eat and play at Chuck E Cheese with friend Kalvin
open presents
blow out candles and sing Happy Birthday at least 3 times
go to Target to pick out a toy
start talking about his next birthday

 Griffin's Valentine mailbox
 Watching cartoons
 This is his smile when I say "Smile and say cheese!"
 4 years old!
 Birthday boy
 Me and my favorite birthday boy
 Kalvin and Griffy at Chuck E Cheese
 Griffin on his birthday morning with his balloons.
 Hudson loved the birthday festivities!
 Griffin opening his presents after church.  Yes, that's Christmas wrapping paper.  I'm a good mom.
His new Iron man stuff.
Griffin's favorites:

Food - spaghetti, chocolate chips, cookies (all organic, grass-fed of course)
Color - white and blue
Game - Candyland
Thing to do - ride bike, pretend we are camping or at the cabin, help mom make cookies, watch cartoons, play on the iphone and be crazy
Movie - Ice Age (changes every week)
Place to eat - McDonalds

We love our Griffy guy to pieces!  He is always happy.  He is easy to please.  He loves life.  He's got a great imagination.  He keep us laughing.  He has a great memory.  He is go, go, go and full of energy.  He is sensitive.  He loves his baby Hudson and watches out for him. 
We love you Griffin!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Expectations

When it comes to my birthday, I have high expectations.  My sisters are like this too.  We have our mom to thank for it.  She always spoiled us on our birthdays and we loved every minute of it.  We got to miss school, go shopping, out to lunch, out to dinner with our family, have parties and choose the meal for Sunday dinner.  She would decorate the house with birthday signs, give us presents and buy us our favorite cake from 31 Flavors or Dairy Queen.  Yep, my mom knows how to do a birthday!  And I love that about her!  She still spoils us to this day.
So when I got married and moved away, I was a little worried that my husband wouldn't be able to meet my birthday expectations.  But every year, he comes through and meets my birthday expectations.  And I love him for that!
My birthday was last month, but here was the agenda for my big day:
open present from Ry
shopping for 4 hours BY MYSELF - heaven
dinner out with the husband and 2 desserts
ice cream cake with the family

 Ry searched far and wide for an ice cream cake.  We don't have Dairy Queen or 31 Flavors here.  He found a restaurant that makes them and it was delish!
 3rd dessert for the night.  Calories don't count on your birthday!
 Beards keep you warm in the winter.
 Griffy guy loved blowing out the candles for me over and over.
Tulips from Ry.  My favorite.

I love my birthday.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Over it

 We are up to our necks in snow.  It's freezing.  We haven't left the house for 3 days.  I'm SO over it.  I can't figure out why people want to live where it snows. Seriously.

 Thank goodness for plasma cars, Candyland and cute babies to get us through these snow days!
 And the iphone, of course!
And my lovely tulips from Ry. 

Lucky for us, the snow has stopped.  It is sunny and a mere 16 degrees.  We are headed to the mall!
It's supposed to snow Saturday.  Sweet.