Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Visit From Nat and Luce

 Natty-girl and Lucy
 Luce being a big girl at the museum.
 We ate at a new restaurant called Dinosaur BBQ.  It's right on the Hudson River.  Good food and gorgeous scenery!

 Nat brought her new Ipad along which was pure heaven for Griff.  He's just like his daddy when it comes to electronics.  Obsessed!
 Cousin bath picture - a must!  Dave Jr. and Muscle Man
Nat and Lucy in Saratoga Springs

At the end of April, Nat and Lucy came all the way from LA to visit us in NY!  Lucky us!  We had so much fun hanging out with those cute girls.  It was dreamy.  Visitors are like gold out here!  I loved having someone to talk to and do stuff with all day.  We went running together, shopping, went to the museum, Sam's Club, Dinosaur BBQ, Chipotle and Saratoga Springs.  We basically hit all of Albany's hot spots!  Yep, pretty exciting around these parts. Griff had fun keeping tabs on Lucy and updating Nat and I on what she was doing every second.  Let's just say he likes his personal space and we may have called him the Hall Monitor a few times.  Hudson loved stealing Lucy's bottle whenever he got the chance.  And Lucy loved following the boys around in all her sass. 
Sisters are the best.  I miss living so close to both of my sisters and miss them everyday.  They are my best friends.  Maybe having a sister wife isn't such a bad idea!
Thanks for the fun visit, Nat and Lucy!  Miss you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Porter Priesthood

 While we were visiting in AZ, our nephew, Porter, received the Aaronic Priesthoodl.  I still can't believe he's 12!  I remember so well when he was born.  He was the chubbiest, cutest baby and had lots of dark hair.  Now, he is a blond stud who loves to listen to music, make jokes and ride his skateboard.  Love you Port.  I'm so glad I could be there for your special day!
Big T, Porter, and Ryan (Ryan is my dad's clone and Porter is Ryan's clone.  I love seeing the 3 of them together)!


 Playing Uno with the cousins and Grandpa.  Griffy's favorite!
 Swimming in March only happens in AZ.
 Grandma and Hudson
 Hudson loved being part of the swimming fun! 
 Ring pops at Grandma's!  He was in heaven.
 Hudson, Ry, Grandpa and Grandma Gibb and Griffin
 Jaxson and Huddy
 Hudson and Grandpa Dave
 The boys hangin' in the spa.  I laugh every time I look at this pic.  Griff put that ring on Hudson's head then grabbed Ry's pepsi and posed.
 My lovers
 Lucy stayed the weekend at Grandma's with us while Nat and Dave went to Florida.
 Gramps and Bubbers
Aunt Rach and Hudson

Highlights of our trip to AZ:
staying for almost 7 weeks
Ry getting to be there for 3 of the weeks
Lacy's wedding
Porter getting the priesthood
trip to LA to go to the Ellen show
Griffin and Wyatt playing every single day
Going on dates with just my husband
Eating mexican food and frozen yogurt for every meal
Eating out at all my favorite restaurants
Sonic sundaes
Jacuzzi nights
Running every morning because it's warm there and the sun shines everyday
Hanging out with family 
Having 2 girl's nights with my friends
Rach watching my kids while I was sick on the couch with the 24 hour stomach bug.  Sisters are the best!
A night at the park with relatives
Lunch dates
Getting dressed and doing my hair almost everyday
Warm weather and sunshine

Arizona will always be home to me.  I get almost giddy when we fly over the mountains as the sun is setting and see the lights in the valley.  I love knowing the sun will shine everyday.  I love that every street corner has a grocery store, Mexican food and frozen yogurt.  I love the straight, wide streets.  I love that it's warm 9 months out of the year.  I am a desert rat through and through.  One day, we will live in Arizona again.  Until then, I'll just have to visit every 3 months!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Our little bubbers is almost 10 months!
What he likes to do:
have mama hold him
crawl everywhere
climb up the stairs
play in the toilet when mom isn't looking
beg for food when someone is eating
clap when we sing to him
sit outside in the grass
play in the fridge
put everything in his mouth
be right by mama always
play with Griffy
wrestle with Griffin and daddy

We love our Hudson so much.  He is so sweet and has the cutest smile.  His cheeks are so squishy and kissable!  Just stop growing up so fast Bubbas!

Lacedawg's Wedding

While we were in AZ during March, Ryan's cousin, Lacy, got married.  Ryan actually surprised us all and came a few days early to be able to be there for the wedding.  It was so fun!  Lacy is the cutest, funnest, nicest girl you will ever meet.  I love her to pieces!  And the best part, she married a boy from AZ!  Now we will get to see her when we visit and eventually move back.  She was a beautiful bride!  Her husband is the nicest too.  They are such a fun couple!  We are so glad we got to be there to celebrate with them.