Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's a miracle.  A Father's Day miracle to be exact.  I surprised Ryan with a present for Father's day that he actually likes and is going to keep!!  This might be a first in our 7 1/2 years of marriage.  Either he figures out the present before I give it to him or he takes it back.  Mostly both.  But this time I was confident in my gift giving abilities and it was a success!  It kind of felt like Mother's day instead of Father's day because I was so excited about the victory.  
Last October, I bought in to all the hype about the Nike Free shoes.  I love to run and needed a change.  I purchased my first pair and it was instant love.  Seriously.  Comfortable and oh so light!  I quickly became obsessed and even talked my dad into buying some.  He loves them too!  I just bought my second pair and felt it was time for Ry to partake of the goodness.  So, I got them for Father's day and surprised him the day before with his new pair of life-changing shoes.  He is still deciding which color he likes best, so he hasn't worn them yet.  But he's keeping them and likes them and that all that matters!  Woohoo! 
I had to document this because it may be another 7 years until this happens again.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Fun

I have to admit, New York summers are pretty darn nice.  The temps haven't gotten above 85 during the day and the nights are calm and cool.  It does get humid, which I'm still getting used to, but I can't complain.  I'll take a warm, humid day over an ice cold, winter day anytime!  Plus, I don't have to do my hair that often because it just turns to frizz.  Or maybe because I don't go anywhere.  That too.  Anyways, we are loving summer and try to go outside as much as we can.  It doesn't get dark here until 9pm, so we usually take late night rides and walks.  My favorite. 

 Crossings park for a bike ride.
 Griffin LOVES riding his bike. 
 Hudson in the bike trailer.  He usually falls asleep on our rides.
 My friend, Katie, from our branch took us to a lake.  She brought her kayak.  To say that Griffy liked the kayak, would be an understatement.  He was in it most of the day except when I forced him to eat a sandwich and skip rocks.
 Hudders loved playing on the shore.  He kept trying to eat the rocks.  Don't worry mom, I watched him closely!

 Griffin mastered the proper rowing techniques by the end of the day.  He even went out for a ride by himself!  Again, mom, don't worry, Katie swam behind him the whole time.
Hudson loves, loves to be outside.  He will crawl out the back door and sit on the doorstep to watch the birds and planes fly by.  He loves to dig in the dirt and get muddy.  We put him in the kitchen sink to wash off and he thought it was so fun.  I can't believe my babe will be a year next month!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spring Sports

For the last 2 months, Griff has been learning how to play t-ball and soccer at a YMCA nearby.  He went once a week for 2 hours.  He loved going and running around with the other kids in his class.  It was more like organized chaos.  I'm not sure how much he learned, but he had fun!

 Listening intently to his coach Rusty.

 It was indoors because the weather here is so unpredictable.  Griff's hair was always wet by the end!
Next year, he will get to play the city sports and actually play games against other teams.  Just like his cousin Wyatt.  He is really looking forward to that. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Week

 Hudson LOVES to play in the fridge.  He likes to pull daddy's diet pepsi bottle out and play with it. 

 I can't get over his cheesy grin and 4 teeth.
 Griffin hung this bag of Doritos on the fridge.  I know, we've got class over here.  Hudson thought it was a great toy!  I promise we eat fruits and veggies too.
 On Memorial Day, we ate at 5 Guys then went to a fun park.  It has lots of walking/bike trails and a really fun playground.  Griffin insisted we take his paper airplane to fly.
 Ry only had to go in to work for a few hours that day, so we got him to ourselves for the rest of it!

My friend, Nicole, and I ran a half marathon on Saturday morning.  There were 55 runners total.  We ran along the tree-lined highway, up and down hills.  We were out in the country surrounded by green farmland.  It was gorgeous.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny and 65 degrees.  I couldn't stop thinking about the beauty around me.  I felt good when I finished and feel so grateful for the opportunity to run in such a neat race.  And, yes, I actually have friends out here!  Sadly, this girl is moving to Arizona this week.  I will miss her so much.  But I will get to see her every time I visit!

Last night, we took a family bike ride around the neighborhood.  The sun was setting and there was a slight, cool breeze.  One of our neighbors was having a BBQ and the smell made my mouth water.  Everything is so green right now.  I looked at Ryan and said this is what I hoped a summer night in NY would be like.  He almost fell off of his bike!

Grandma Tucker

My Grandma Tucker passed away on April 28th.  She was 86 years old.  She had heart problems for the past few years and it eventually caught up to her.  But that never stopped my grandma from having fun and living life.  She was such a great example to our family of faith and service.  My grandma Ruth loved her family, had many friends and loved to travel.  She was always well-dressed with cute jewelry to match.  She was very supportive of her grandkids and never missed our birthdays.  She came to both of my graduations, my wedding and visited soon after I had Griffin.  I love my grandma so much and feel sad to think she is gone.  But I know I will see her again, and that is all that matters.

 She passed away while Nat was visiting us in Albany, so Nat, the kids and I flew to Salt Lake together to attend her funeral.  I was debating on making the trip out, but I'm so glad I did.  It was so great to be with family to celebrate my grandma's life. 
 Plus, I got a bonus visit to see my cute sisters, Ryan's family, and my parents. 

 My cousin Justin, Grandpa Tucker, Aunt Annette and my dad

 The siblings

 Hanging out in the hotel room.
One of the nights, Ryan, Rach, Nat and I (plus my boys and Lucy) went to Red Mango for some frozen yogurt then to Sconecutters for some late night french fries.  It was like old times just the 4 of us.  I love my brother and sisters so much.  A fun memory for sure!  P.S.  Red Mango was amazing.  I dream about it.