Saturday, August 13, 2011

Go West

 The boys and I made a trip out west to AZ for 3 weeks.  It was fabulous, to say the least.  We had so much fun! 
Highlights include:

trip to the cabin in Show Low for the 24th celebration
having Nat and Lucy with us for a week
dinners with girlfriends
dinners out with family
swimming almost everyday
BBQ with the fam
dinner with the Gibb fam
trip to the museum with Jami and kids
trip to the zoo with Rach and kids (we wore swimsuits and stayed wet)
eating frozen yogurt as much as possible
eating at Geckos (3 times), Tia Rosa's, In-n-Out, Cafe Rio, Firehouse Subs, Sauce, Yogurtland, Nielsen's, U-swirl, Rubios, Sonic, & Sweet Republic
dinner at Ryan and Jen's
hanging out with Rach and kids as much as possible
Griffin and Wyatt connected at the hip
Hudson getting more attention than he could ever want
sweating my brains out but not caring because I love AZ

missing Ryan


Not gonna lie.  It's always hard to leave AZ and fly back to NY.  I always shed a few tears.  It usually takes me a day to bounce back and get into my groove again.  Ry is so patient with me and even built us a bigger closet while we were gone.  Yep, I got a good one!