Thursday, September 15, 2011

Griffin's 1st Day

 Griffin started pre-school on Monday!  He was so excited to go to school and kept asking me how many more wake ups??  Hudson and I walked in with him.  He got right to business coloring and checking out Mr. Skittles - the class hamster.  I kissed him good-bye and he hardly noticed I left.  Griffy is so social and loves to make friends, so I knew he would love pre-school.  I'm so glad he's having such a fun time!

This kid is all about comfort when it comes to his clothes.  He loves sweat pants and basketball shorts.  Oh, and he had to have the Cars light up shoes, much to my dismay.  It was only a matter of time.
Mini Ryan
Hudson is a little lost without Griff when he's at pre-school.  He loves to be where Griffy is except when he's crying and hanging on my leg.  I can already see the differences in their personalities.  We can already tell Hudson is gonna give us a run for our money!  Like how he threw a toy car into the toilet while Griffin was peeing.  Awesome.

Thomas the Train

A few weekends ago, we decided to take the boys to ride Thomas the Train.  It was in a small town about an hour away.  The train ride was 25 minutes along the Hudson River.  They had bounce houses, train tables, story time and a gift shop to entertain us after the train ride.  The boys had so much fun and it was nice to get out of town and do something different for a few hours.  We also hit some outlets and Ben and Jerry's on the way home.  Always a plus!   

Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Happs

 August has been quite an eventful month.  We survived an earthquake and a hurricane and Hudson started walking!  Lots of excitement in Albany these days!  Unfortunately, I didn't get to feel the earthquake.  I've always wanted to.  And fortunately, the hurricane didn't wipe out our house.  Our basement leaked and church was canceled, but other than that, it was just lots of rain and wind.  On another note, Hudson started walking and hasn't stopped since.  He feels it is now his job to destroy the house and eat otter pops all day.  And be my third leg.  Griffy is over the top excited to start pre-school in a week.  And come to find out, he really does love his brother.  I picked him up from his friend's house the other day and asked him if he had fun.  He said, "It wasn't that fun because Hudson wasn't there."  Aww, melts my heart.

 The otter pop eating monster himself.  The minute I pick him up he points me to the freezer for one.
 Griffy insists on wearing long sleeve shirts in the middle of summer. 
 Griff, Hudson and Georgia at the only frozen yogurt place within 20 miles.  It's called 16 Handles.  How clever is that!
 Carolin, Lena, Tiana, Milly, and Amanda
 Bubbers in action.
Oh, and he also loves popcorn.